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Monday 7-8am with Lizzie 

Saturday 8-9am with Andrew

@ Core Collective Dempsey 

Metabolic conditioning uses specific training methods and exercises to improve your fitness in the most effective way possible. 

This class will focus on functional movement patterns such as the squat and deadlift, coupled with some higher intensity exercises. 

Perfect for individuals of all fitness levels who want to get a mix of cardio and weighted exercises. 


Saturday 9-10am with Andrew

@ Core Collective Dempsey

This session will focus on developing various more advanced movement skills such as olympic lifting and gymnastics. 

This session is for more advanced lifters, although we encourage all levels, please contact us if you are interested in this class. 



Wednesday 7-8am with Courtney 
@ Core Collective Dempsey

This session will be weighted exercises at lower reps and higher weights, focusing on form and technique.

Suitable for all fitness levels, and perfect for anyone who want to add strength training into their current regime. 


Friday 7-8am with Lizzie
@ Botanic Gardens (Meet at Heritage Museum)

This interval based group running class is designed to get you running more efficiently, faster, and recover easier! 

Using optimal work and recovery ratios, this interval based group running class is designed to enhance your running performance. 

Suitable for individuals with a baseline running fitness.

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