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Wednesday 7-8am with Lizzie @ Core Collective Dempsey 

Metabolic conditioning uses specific training methods and exercises to improve your fitness in the most effective way possible. 
This class will focus on functional movements patterns such as the squat, deadlift, upper body pushing and pulling, core and single leg stability. 
Perfect for all fitness levels that want to add more strength training into their current fitness regime.


Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm with Andrew @ Core Collective Dempsey

This class will focus on developing a movement skill using barbells, kettlebells dumbbells and your own body weight! 
Perfect for those that want to learn some more advanced skills under the supervision of our top coaches.
There will be scaled and advanced options to make it suitable for all fitness levels. 
The class will also involve metabolic conditioning thats uses specific training methods and exercises to improve your fitness in the most effective way possible.



Saturday 8-9am with Andrew @ Core Collective Dempsey

The perfect way to start your weekend! 
This high intensity metabolic conditioning class will give you a full body workout in our amazing sheltered outdoor facility! 


Friday 7-8am with Lizzie @ Botanic Gardens (COMING IN MARCH!) 

This interval based group running class is designed to get you running more efficiently, faster and recover easier! 
Using optimal work and recovery ratios, to enable you to enhance your running performance. 
Suitable for those with a baseline running fitness. Please contact us for more info or book now to join in the next session!


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